Top Travel Days of 2020, Visiting Miraval Berkshires

Fall foliage on hike at Miraval Berkshires Lisa and I spent two nights in the Berkshires in mid-October checking out the new Miraval property in Lenox that made its debut in early August. The Miraval brand is already well known in the travel world for its two wellness properties in Tucson and Austin, so we were excited to see what they had in store for New England. They took over the former Cranwell property and expanded across Route 20, where they now house a horse farm, chicken coop, gardens, and space for archery, hatchet throwing, and pottery classes. Arriving in the rain, we were happy to see that all rooms are connected indoors via a long corridor with classes, restaurants, and lounge area. This comes in handy during these winter months when you don’t have to venture outdoors unless you choose to snowshoe or hike.

Wanting to take advantage of the two nights/three days we spent on property, we signed up for a busy regimen weeks before arrival that included classes in fitness, yoga, mindfulness/meditation, farming, and nutrition. We ended up taking three walks outdoors, along the shoreline of Stockbridge Bowl and beside a rolling brook in October Mountain State Forest, all glorious during the peak of fall foliage. We also took four meditation courses with Will, known as Chill Will, including an introduction to Qigong and Forest Bathing; a fantastic cardio drumming class with Tariq; a visit to the farm to feed the horses and chickens with Jen; a fun flow yoga class with Mark; and an informative lecture on keeping a healthy gut with Annie. We would quickly learn that all of the instructors are excellent and that most have devoted their lives to their particular passion. Will has taught meditation to people in drug rehabs the past two decades; Annie led the nutrition department at nearby Kripalu; Jen not only owns a farm, but was involved in education at Sturbridge Village. Miraval had to know the wealth of talent they would find in the Berkshires, a hub in the northeast for wellness and yoga thanks to Kripalu and Canyon Ranch.

Thanks for checking in with ActiveTravels during a year when we could barely travel. Like most of you, we had to cancel trips, including Croatia, France, China, and most disappointing of all, our daughter’s college graduation at Bloomington, Indiana. With the vaccine starting to roll out, we’re hoping for a far more adventurous year of travel ahead.

Wishing you all a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous 2021!

Steve and Lisa