Top Travel Days of 2020, Biking to the Missions in San Antonio

Biking to the Missions in San AntonioBefore heading to a wedding in Austin this past March, Lisa and I returned to San Antonio. Every time I visit this city I think about renting an apartment here in winter, especially in February and March, when the temperature often reaches 70 degrees. The city offers two world class art museums, San Antonio Museum of Art and the McNay, sublime dining at the Pearl, great neighborhoods to roam like King William, and, of course, all the restaurants and bars that line the renowned River Walk. But the reason I really love San Antonio is that it’s one of the best biking cities in America.

We rented bikes from the Blue Star Bike Shop near the boutique shops and galleries of the Blue Star Contemporary Art Center (great for checking out after the bike ride) and pedaled on the 10-mile long bike trail called the Mission Reach. It’s not uncommon to find herons, egrets, families of ducks, and turtles lounging in the waters, and colorful wildflowers in full bloom. At Mission Road, we turned right and visited the first of two Spanish colonial missions, Concepción. These early 18th-century Spanish colonial missions are now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and part of a national historic park. I always bring my camera to poke around these impressive buildings and get great shots of the light and shadows reflecting off the walls. We continued on Mission Road another 3 miles to reach the largest mission, San José, known for its popular Mariachi Mass each Sunday. Inside the stone walls, overlooking the green and the church, the setting is serene. When we had our fill, we simply retraced our steps back to the Mission Reach and headed to Rosario’s in Southtown for authentic Mexican fare.