The World is Your Oyster, Volume 4, Our Talk with Fran Golden and Midgi Moore, Authors of 100 Things to Do In Alaska Before You Die

100 Things to Do in Alaska Before You DieOur fourth episode brings you to the 49th state, Alaska! We are super excited to introduce you to a close friend and award-winning travel writer and specialist in cruises, Fran Golden. She and her co-writer, Midgi Moore, a native of Juneau and owner of Juneau Food Tours, join us to talk about about all the cool things to do in Alaska.

Hot off the press is their book, 100 Things to Do In Alaska Before You Die, and it’s chock full of amazing sights to see, foods to try and activities to experience. Ever dined on reindeer sausage pizza? Have you eaten Alaskan King crab legs in Alaska? Midgi can steer you to the right places! If you’re curious where to go to see the Northern Lights, go dog sledding and see 26 glaciers in one day, pick up a copy of this great book. They recommend taking at least 2 weeks to see this glorious state and trying to get a free stopover at a second Alaskan destination on Alaska Airlines so you can see the state more efficiently and economically.

Thank you so very much Fran and Midgi for participating in this episode of The World is Your Oyster and for sharing with us all the best things to do and see and experience in Alaska with our valued ActiveTravels members.