Mahoosuc Guide Service Now Offering Day Trips in Maine

Maine residents and out-of-staters who self-quarantine in Maine for 14 days now have the option to go on three exciting day trips with Mahoosuc Guide Service. Owners Polly Mahoney and Kevin Slater are featured in my forthcoming book on the region, New England in a Nutshell, slated to be published on July 2nd. I had the good fortune to go on an overnight dogsledding trip with Polly at Umbagog Lake and to paddle down the West Branch of the Penobscot Rive with Kevin, which led to this story for Sierra Magazine.

A Registered Maine Guide, Kevin is now available to guide spin or fly fish on area rivers or lakes. Popular locales include the Magalloway and Rapid Rivers, Aziscohos and Richardson Lakes. Wade or fish from his hand built Grand Laker. Cost is $250 per person, $400 for 2 people, includes lunch midday.

Polly is offering both cultural and wildlife viewing day trips while paddling. Learn about the Penobscot’s culture on the Penobscot River and their use of wild edibles, trees, and plants. Or head to Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge to possibly find moose, white tailed deer, beaver, black bear (very rare), otter, bald eagles, and a variety of birds and ducks. Cost is $150 per person and includes a midday lunch.