Dream Day Itineraries Ideally Suited for 2021: Last Stop, Hawaii

Live Ukulele Music on a Big Island BeachThis week at ActiveTravels we’ve been discussing our favorite Dream Day Itineraries for 2021. For close to a decade, we’ve created hundreds of these detailed day-to-day itineraries that include every aspect of your vacation, from hotels to guided tours to reserved restaurants to best places to stop along your drive. As more and more clients take similar routes, we’re able to get feedback directly from you, refining these itineraries so they’re as close to perfection as can be. We’ve also aligned ourselves with the AXUS app, so all information is now within easy reach on your smart phone.

The final destination we’d like to discuss is Hawaii, where we’ve already begun designing routes for clients this coming summer and winter. We usually recommend spending at least 10 days in Hawaii, with stops at two of the islands. It’s really hard to go wrong with any of the islands. Oahu offers the honky-tonk Waikiki Beach, the history of Pearl Harbor, a wonderful Honolulu Chinatown, and the surfers at the Banzai Pipeline. Big Island has it all, from the Wyoming-like horse ranches of Waimea to the black sand beaches of Kona to the very active volcano at Volcano National Park. Maui offers the best golfing and scuba options, and who can resist waking up at sunrise to bike down Haleakala. Then there’s the serenity of Kauai and the chance to take a helicopter ride or private boat charter near the striking Na Pali cliffs. We work with wonderful scuba and deep-sea fishing charters, horseback riding and hiking guides, cooking classes, historians, even a vulcanologist on the Big Island.

Let us know which North American destination interests you in 2021 and we’ll be happy to dive in!