Boston’s Newbury Hotel Makes an Impressive Debut

Boston's Newbury HotelOne step off Newbury Street into the reception area of the The Newbury Boston and you’ll notice the stairwell that always took up a good portion of the lobby is no longer there. It’s been replaced by a gem of a small library with books stocked by nearby Trident Booksellers and the Boston Public Library and art selected by Boston public relations executive Lynne Kortenhaus who doubles as a talented curator, as evidenced by the works displayed throughout the property. A six-pack of Yousuf Karsh photographs peer down at you from the left, including portraits of people who had significant impact on the city like architect I.M. Pei, who designed the JFK Library. You’ll also spot Tennessee Williams, who legend has it spent a good deal of time in his room penning a play called “A Streetcar Named Desire” back when the hotel was The Ritz Carlton.

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