World’s First Underwater Music Club Opens in the Maldives

I receive on average 300 press releases pertaining to travel each day. Most are deleted instantaneously. Others, I read and file away in my brain. And then there are the press releases that make me want to get on the next plane and check it out immediately. This is one of those. A new resort in the Maldives called NIYAMA has just opened an offshore restaurant and music club. Not just any ole music club, but one below the surface where you’re looking through the circular glass windows to view the manta rays and neon-colored fish. If that doesn’t grab you, then how about a state-of-the-art Bose surround sound system luring the hottest electronica DJs in the world. This month, the Grammy-nominated Poet Name Life will perform at the club, called Subsix, along with Tinie Tempah, fresh off his gig at the closing night ceremonies at the London Summer Olympic Games. In fact, many of the resident DJs are recognized for their work internationally, hosting their own radio shows in the States or spinning at red carpet events such as London Fashion Week. The restaurant upstairs called Edge doesn’t sound so bad either, serving thinly sliced Maldivian reef fish gravlax or grilled Indian Ocean Cuttlefish with avocado. I am so there.