Urban Adventures: Raft the South Platte River, Denver

That power breakfast was far too successful and now you have a day to celebrate in a large metropolis before flying home. Maybe you reside in a big city and think the only way to enjoy the outdoors is to take a long road trip. Nonsense. Even in Manhattan, you can jump on a charter boat downtown and fish for stripers at one of the premier spots on the Atlantic Seaboard. Adventure has crept into urban areas so you can now sweat on rollerblades instead of inside the cramped hotel gym. This week, I’m going to divulge my five favorite urban adventures in the US. 

Nowhere else in America do you have the rare opportunity to raft down a river in the heart of an urban area. The narrow 11-mile South Platte starts in the suburbs of Denver, but quickly makes its way downtown. You’ll see where Denver originated at the confluence of Cherry Creek and continue onward past a dozen city parks. City Wild Adventures offers one-hour to half-day adventures on the river.