Top Travel Days of 2022, A Hopper Retrospective and Korean Steakhouse in New York

Cote is one of those Michelin-starred restaurants in Manhattan that you have to book exactly 30 days prior to your reservation, or you have very little chance of dining there. Remarkably, our son, Jake, snagged a reservation for one of the outdoor tables at 5:30 pm in early November. Fortunately, it was an unusually warm day and we walked the High Line from the large spiraling sculpture they call The Vessel in Hudson Yards all the way down to the Whitney Museum. A retrospective of Edward Hopper’s work is currently on display and it was fascinating to see his perspective of the elevated railroad a century ago after walking the High Line. Other rooms showcased his love of the New York theatre scene, including actual ticket stubs he and his wife saved, and his preservation work in Washington Square.

Then we met up with our daughter, Melanie, at Cote, listened to the chill house music outdoors and dined on a steady flow of Korean steak, like wagyu and prime rib, accompanied by a large assortment of kimchi and other fermented veggies. One of those memorable meals where the dining actually lives up to the hype.