The World is Your Oyster Volume 2: Don Martinson and Steve Selden of Natural Habitat Adventures

The World is Your OysterOur second episode of The World is Your Oyster brings you to Northern Canada to Churchill, Manitoba. We had the privilege to speak to two incredibly knowledgeable people at Natural Habitat Adventures about this Northern Wonderland where you can experience nature and exquisite wildlife up close. We’ve known and worked with Don Martinson at NatHab for years and he introduced us to one of their excellent guides, Steve Selden, who’s been with the tour operator since its beginnings. Steve also designed the topic of our discussion, their Belugas, Bears & Summer Wildlife of Churchill Tour.

Did you know that over 3000 Beluga whales come into the Churchill River each summer? Get in a Zodiac or a kayak to see them in their habitat. Next you can climb aboard a helicopter and search for Polar Bears from above. If you’re super lucky in the wee hours of the night and if you’ve put your “Please Disturb” sign on your door, you may be awoken to see the Northern Lights! That’s what they call the Trifecta!

Have a listen to the video to hear all about the joys of seeing Churchill, Manitoba, in the summertime. Don and Steve share wonderful stories of their time up in this beautiful part of the globe. Then contact ActiveTravels so we can put you on one of their July trips!