New Largay Travel Deal at Miraval Properties

Largay Travel DealWe were delighted to see that our good friends at Largay Travel made the cover of the latest issue of Luxury Travel Advisor. Largay Travel has been the host agency of ActiveTravels since 2017 and wow, did we luck out when we joined forces with them. Not only have they given us access to the Virtuoso Network, but they have become our mentors, teaching us the ins and outs of this often-complex industry while connecting us with the top suppliers in the travel world. But they really shined in 2020, keeping our spirits high with Zoom travel webinars, Monday Meditation, Wednesday Town Hall Meetings for all to join, and the requisite Friday Dance Party. They continue to remain optimistic, helping us to be a stronger and better travel agency when we pull out of this pandemic.

To help celebrate Largay Travel’s cover story, the three Miraval properties in Tucson, Austin, and the one in the Berkshires Lisa and I just visited are offering an exclusive deal. Head to one of these properties January 7-10 and they’re offering 30% off their regular rate. Cost of the 3-night package at Miraval Berkshires is $1686 per person double occupancy, $2098 per person single occupancy; Miraval Tucson $1883 per person double occupancy, $2296 per person single occupancy; Miraval Austin $1650 per person double occupancy, $2042 per person single occupancy. Pricing includes all meals, unlimited participation in all fitness/wellness/meditation/nutrition classes, $175 nightly resort credit for person to be spent on spa services and private sessions with instructors, and complimentary shuttle from Tucson/Austin/Hartford airports. If interested, please let ActiveTravels know! This is only for Largay Travel Advisors and their clients!