Five Favorite Adventures in the Caribbean, Tubing the White River, Jamaica

Another Monday, another foot of snow in Boston. With blustery winds and low temperatures to continue throughout the week. I need warm memories of the Caribbean to cheer me up. This week, I’ll be divulging my favorite adventures in the islands. First up, tubing in Jamaica. High in the hills above Ocho Rios, the water of the mountainous White River is cool and as clear as gin. Guides sing Bob Marley songs as you flow with the slow-moving current. Or listen to the high-pitched call of the yellow banana quit bird and peer out at the green mosaic of ferns, banana trees, and thickets of bamboo that climb the banks of this sinuous waterway like ivy climbs a wall. White River tubing is one of the many adventures offered by the reputable Jamaican outfitter, Chukka Caribbean Adventures