Chad, Anyone?

Trips to Unexplored Africa With the announcement of Kenya Airlines new code sharing agreement with Delta and the increase of frequency of flights from JFK to Nairobi to 3 times per week, Steve Turner is taking the opportunity to escort the more intrepid travelers on expeditions to unexplored Africa. The owner of Origins Safaris, in operation since 1963, is first planning a trip in February 2022 to Zakouma, Chad, which according to Turner is Africa’s most successful conservation project. In March 2022, Turner will be leading a trip to the Ethiopian region of Gambella and the South Sudan region of Boma-Jonglei, home to Africa’s second-largest mammal migration—approximately one million White Eared Kob. April 2022 brings us to the Democratic Republic of Congo to visit with the Bonobos or Pygmy Chimps. Lastly, in June 2022, Turner plans to guide a group to Ethiopia’s remote Omo Valley to see firsthand its indigenous tribal culture. If interested in any of these memorable adventures, ActiveTravels will get you there!