Celebrated Experiences Launch Private Homes Division

Private home rentals in the UKThose of you who had the good fortune to travel with Celebrated Experiences to Scotland, Ireland, Britain, or Wales know firsthand how exceptional they are as a tour operator. At least twice a year, they visit every hotel they recommend, and include a special Celebrated perk like a spa treatment or bottle of wine at dinner. They also hire fantastic guides that add unparalleled insider knowledge like the gardener to Prince Charles or a 9th-generation cheesemaker. In the latter half of 2020, they added Celebrated Homes, a collection of 200 private homes they personally vetted across the UK. So now you can stay at the Spring Cottage, a historic 3-bedroom house on the Thames River outside London, and still get the same stellar concierge service including private guides, tours, and drivers with Celebrated. The Celebrated Homes collection includes some remarkable estates including Borthwick Castle in Scotland, where Mary Queen of Scots slept, and the 12th-century Roch Castle in Wales. If interested, please let ActiveTravels know and we’ll help create an exciting itinerary with Celebrated.