Agar Supply Jumps on Seafood Traceability Bandwagon

An article I wrote in the March issue of Air Tran’s inflight magazine discussed the problem with mislabeled seafood in Boston. A city that prides itself on its fresh seafood was rocked to its ocean-loving core this past October when a two-part expose published by the Boston Globe revealed that a significant number of fish were mislabeled at area restaurants, grocery stores, and fish markets. Two Globe staff writers went on a fish collecting spree, sending samples of their findings to a laboratory in Canada for DNA testing. The outcome? A whopping 48 percent of the seafood was mislabeled. The good news out of Boston this week is that Agar Supply, New England’s largest independent food distributor, is partnering with Legal Sea Foods so restaurants and supermarkets can track fresh fish all along the supply chain. This comes on the heels of the wonderful work done by Trace and Trust, a group of local Rhode Island fishermen who supply their catch directly to restaurants in Boston and Rhode Island.